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  • Bio Hi! I'm Chad, a Disney-addict and Mouseketeer for life. Follow along my journey and hopefully you'll learn a thing or two.
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  • AwesomeOrange89

    this blog is to make the blog about me adopting this wiki Click here for the page: If i become the owner of this wiki witch hopefully i do (ive already applied to be the new owner) this wiki wil go under a complete change. I will try to incorporate more kidzworld information into the already set up user pages to trully make this the best kidzworld information site out there with really active and helpful users. What i say is the only way to get help from people is to let them help therselfs meaning you will still get the creation part of this wiki but now you will get 2 in 1! If you would like to see anything changed please comment down below and i will talk to you about it! You might h…

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  • AwesomeOrange89

    Admin rights

    August 6, 2013 by AwesomeOrange89

    Hello community i just wanted to inform you that i recently applied to adopte this wiki . i am very knowledgable about kidzworld and is a admin on the other wiki. I feel that i am very qualified for this postion and look foroward to getting to work with you. Please comment down below on what you would think about me being the owner?



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