RealKnuckles's current profile picture.

RealKnuckles is a long-term user of Kidzworld.

The User

Realknuckles was one of the first to be considered a KW "Celebrity." He has been a part of over 150 roleplays and has been deemed one of the most grammatically correct users on the site. He is known by a few Jr. Mods as "The Terror of the Southern Sea, " as he was one of the first users to actively protest the site's new filter system. His strong liberal beliefs have landed him in the penalty box twice, however he has never fallen into the category of being a troll, and most of the time, he is simply defending his views.

His Fandoms

RealKnuckles, along with AshleyisadorableDC, (his proclaimed best friend on the site,) is a member of many Hetalia: Axis Powers related groups, he is a devout Zelda fan, and seems to be a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon as well. He apparently has a very sentimental connection to Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, as he stated that these games brought back great memories of his youth, also, he claims that he "Would have loved them anyway, because they're fun, challenging, and require actual effort, unlike this new-fangled 'Call of Duty' crap."


RealKnuckles is very retro, often calling himself a "nerd," a "hipster," and a "cynic." Though he IS a cynic, he often points out his utter hatred of the "emo" mentallity, and the fact that he would never become one of them, no matter how bad things got. He seems to be centered around his humor, liberalism, and cynicism, as well as being very proud of his Russian ancestry.