"Bonjour! My epic name is Bea. Call me Beautiful, Dino, Spongebob, BeaM, or anything that flows your mind. You are free to give me some epic nicknames that you that you like."
RawrSkittles=), her profile

RawrSkittles=), also known as Bea, Dino, Spongebob, Beautiful and BeaM, is a twelve-year-old Kidzworld user. Her birthday is on 9 June and she currently lives in Philippines. She has over 1,300 board posts and over 600 friends. There is a fan club honoring her, called Fans of the Amazing Beautiful, proving that she is very popular amongst other users, as well as the fact that there are 24 members (including hersef as an uber-user and the president of the club).

i bet she wrote this by herself lol



"I have different modes like Hyper Mode, Epic Mode, Bored Mode and Evil Mode. xD I'm optimistic, and very friendly enough to be your friend. I'm simple, not too girlish. And I'm perfectly imperfect. (:"
—RawrSkittles=) describing herself on her profile
"Bea Is Everything To Me! Bea Always Makes Me Smile, Bea Always Be There For Me, Bea Always Stands By My Side, Bea Always Listens To Me, Bea Can Be Crazy Everytime! Bea Always Says Funny Things! Bea Is Amazing!"
One of her best friends hacking her and telling her what they think of her personally

Seeing as her profile looks bubbly and bright, one can assume that Bea has the same nature. According to herself, she had different "modes" (as can be seen above). She is also friendly, "perfectly imperfect" and not too girlish. Her best friends are Valerie, Kulsum, Shifa, Sarah (XxXSarahXxX), Sarah (Aszahrah mb), Nasaha, Carli, Ash, Katie, Chris, Razzle, Saraha,Gracie, Ally, Sitara, Isaiah, Tiffany, Zoya, Alissa, MaryAnn, Elisabeth, Reema, Alessia, Shreya, Michaela, Ashley, Tianna, Kaitlyn and Gabrielle, who are also bright people, as you can tell if you look at their profiles.

Seeing as she has joined the Anti-bullying club, we can assume that she is against bullying. She is addicted to Kidzworld, having joined the group of the same name.