Musicfunlover1, also known as Makayla, is a frequent Kidzworld user. She is very popular amongst KW and believes that Honour is a unicorn. She is probably most famous for creating the "Off-Topicitous Is Spreading" topic in the General sub-board (under the Random board section). She is currently eleven and can be considered enemies with -Damaged, as he was found guilty by her of "trolling" Off-Topicitous and finds musicfunlover1 extremely annoying. Musicfunlover1 has a second profile, named after the popular board post (for more details, see "Off-Topicitous").

Musicfunlover1 has over 6,630 posts and has over 120 friends. She is a very nice, friendly person and can occasionally be random, but is becoming more serious as time progresses (most likely to stop Off-Topicitous Is Spreading from getting deleted). She believes that Honour is an epic magical unicorn and is a big fan of him for this.

As of 2012, Makayla is no longer a frequent Kidzworld user.