The managment team here at the kw wiki is here to help you! We do everything we can to make this site successful and safe. We are in charge of every corner of this website to make it perfect to you.You can always come to us for help or just to talk. Have fun editing !The managment team consist of two positions the manager and the founder. The manager always has to be active so you will see hiim on here nearly evryday.But the founder can come and go as pleased so most likley you will not see the founder as often .


The founder is the user who at first made the wiki he has complete control over the wiki .He is the head of the managment  team and is very knowledgable about this wiki subject.He also makes major decisions for the wiki .Want to know more about the founder ? Click here !


The manager is the head admin and is in charge of the day to day operations and sussecs of the wiki. The manager is in charge of making sure that all the information is up to date, the website is orginized, and is in charge of the saftey of users.He is also in charge of assigning new posistions and admins as needed. Basically he is in chare when the founder is  not on .He makes many minor  desicions for the wiki . 


You should always come to us if you need help. Please dont try to solve problems with other users your self. The manager is always your first bet of contact and will answer within 24 hours



Administrative assistant:The Brandie Norman