This page is where you will find information and staff listing about kidzworld 

Moderators and Admins are Users on KidzWorld who are paid to help run the website and keep it safe. They live in Canada (Vancouver, BC) and are over 18 years of age.

KidzWorld does not hire previous KW members



The admin are in charge of everybdy and have complete control over the site.They keep the site safe . 

Admin User Notes( job and description of what they do)
Allen He is the president, ceo and founder.He made the site in 2001 . Heads the admin team  
James James is the vice president and is in charge of buisness development 

She is the community and contest manager. Go to her with any problems.Works with kids and parents and makes the schedule for the mods is just some of what she dose along with being in charge of the contest.


He is a extra admin i guess. No user has ever heard or saw of him before. 


The mods are the people who help keep the site safe on a day to day base. They usally are used mainly for chat

Moderators  Notes ( Schedule 
Honour He is the mod on  Saturday and Sunday nights
mischiefmanaged is the mod Thursday, Friday all day, and Saturday 1st shift. 
PhotOwl substitue shift mod .She works elsewhere 
thecaringlion works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all day. And is the second newest mod 
Cicada works the 1st shift on sundays
valancy substitue mod. works on approvals 
LonePine mysterious mod works in the backgrounds on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Junior Mods 

Junior Mods are normal users who are over 12 but under 18 that have been chosen to help moderate the website.They are in charge of the forums meaning that they can lock( stop the forum thread from continuing), sticky( make it important and put it at the top of the page) and move( if a forum is in the wrong section they can move it to the right section).There is no direct way to become a jr.mod as they are hand picked when needed by the admin and is normally a non apply but rather be asked to be one situation. So dont even bother asking the admin to be one cause it gets them annoyed and will ultimitly ruin you chances of ever becoming one.

List of Junior Mods 

ChocolateLab (currently inactive)




Other members

These other staff member are people who are junior mods and mods but they arnt really them. For example user Kw awards is a junior mod but only in charge of the kw awards not alll the forums you know what i mean. But they are still very important 

Other Staff Member Note / Job 
RedEyeGames  the kidzworld games writer
KW Awards in charge of the annual kidzworld user awards( Summer and somtimes winter)
Kidzworld news Brings users the latest and best news from around kidzworld so we can stay updated on all the awesome stuff that they have!


These people are in charge of the tecnology side of kidzworld like design and coding

User Developer Job / Notes
Codemonkey Kidzworld lead programer 
Krillin the developer/ programer

the designer

Gohan not sure? i think programer.


These are not automated accounts not really real people they are more like kidzworld people mascots but they have mod power

A list of the accounts Notes
Gary Kidzworld Mascott
Sindy Kidzworld person
Dear Dish-it

is the account that answers your burning life questions

See her page here.

Mod-Patrol Kidzworld test account

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